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Christmas packaging

Buy from an extensive range of Christmas packaging now, including printed carrier bags to give your customers a Christmas shopping bag treat.

Try this sparkling range of crystal clear display bags to make your products sparkle this Christmas.

Packaging at Christmas

The run-up to Christmas is shopping heaven so, if you're a retailer, make sure you're ready and prepared with all the Christmas packaging you need.

Here's a handy checklist to make sure you're Christmas ready. Have you got all of the following ready for the Christmas super-season?

  • Printed carrier bags complete with your very own Christmas design, logo and/or message of goodwill to customers - the perfect way to stand out from the crowd this festive season!
  • Printed mailing bags to show your online and delivery customers that you love Christmas (and that you value them choosing to shop with you at Christmas)
  • Crystal clear card bags to display all of those lovely Christmas cards you'll be selling
  • Glossy display bags to present your lovely Christmas gift bags
  • Super high clarity polypropylene sheets to cover your Christmas hampers and other open-top gift boxes
  • Clear flower sleeves to wrap and display all those lovely bouquets and Christmas wreaths
  • Sweet bags to display all of those tasty chocolate and sweety treats - the perfect stocking filler!
  • Gift bottle bags, complete with gift tag, for those delicious liquid presents
  • Gift carrier bags for those lucky people who are getting a selection of smaller gifts in one present… and also for those people who just don't have time to be wrapping presents!

Make the most of Christmas with Christmas packaging

Christmas is a time for giving, so make time to give your company a boost this Christmas through a huge range of Christmas packaging.

People spend more on shopping at Christmas than at any other time of the year and people in the UK spend more on Christmas shopping than any other country in Europe, with an average spend of £350 per shopper (Source:, November 2014)

All of this makes the festive period the perfect time to take advantage of all of the different types of Christmas packaging on the market, so here are just a few of ideas for how you can use Christmas packaging to benefit your business this Christmas:

Personalise your carrier bags

Print your very own special edition carrier bags with a Christmas design and advertise your business while spreading the joys of Christmas this yuletide season. Printed carrier bags are the perfect way of advertising your business. You can choose your very own design - perhaps snowflakes or tinsel or a Christmas tree - along with your own branding or logo and perhaps a slogan or Christmas message.

You get to choose the design of the printed carrier bag, so you can use it to advertise your business and get some key messaging out there direct to your target market, whilst also showing your customers how much you love Christmas, which can only be a good thing, right?

Printed carrier bags are available in a range of sizes, in plain or coloured polythene and with a message printed on just one or both sides of the bag, so you can create your very own carrier bag just as you see fit.

Once your design is ready, print up enough to suit your business needs - from just a thousand to hundreds of thousands - and let your customers advertise your business this Christmas as they walk around carrying your fantastic printed carrier bag.

Personalise your mailing bags

If your business needs to send parcels or deliveries out this Christmas then you should get some printed mailing bags, personalised with your very own Christmas-style design. By doing so, your parcel or delivery will stand out from the crowd at a time when mail volume goes through the roof, helping you make a lasting impression with your customer and their family, friends or colleagues.

Just like printed carrier bags, printed mailing bags give you the scope to personalise your mailing in just the way you want. Give the polythene mailer a Christmas design - a snowman or some holly and ivy perhaps, or even some carol singers - and get your branding incorporated into the design. Use your company logo, name, advertising slogans etc to get your business message across this Christmas.

You can even print the mailing bag with helpful customer information like your Christmas opening hours, information on returns and refunds for the Christmas period or perhaps details of your upcoming new year sale.

However your Christmas mail is delivered, whether by courier or through the regular post, a bespoke printed mailing bag is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd this Christmas, to show your customers how professional you are and to spread a bit of Christmas joy while you are at it, which is ever a bad thing!

Add some Christmas sparkle to your displays

Any retailer always wants to display their products in the best way possible but even more so at Christmas, when the retail market is so competitive and any slight improvement to your display can make a big difference. That's where glossy display bags and display film comes in!

Display bags are made from high clarity polypropylene film, which gives any products places inside them a wonderful sheen and makes them sparkle. Display bags come in a range of styles, shapes and sizes to suit a variety products. Some of the more popular ones found at Christmas are greeting card bags (for Christmas cards), sweet bags (for yummy stocking fillers), clothing display bags (for that Christmas jumper) and flower sleeves (for those all-important Christmas bouquets).

Alternatively, crystal clear polypropylene film sold on the roll in a range of widths from 50cm to 70cm can provide the perfect gift wrap for any present and comes in particularly handy for wrapping flowers, bottles or other awkwardly-shaped presents.

Where to buy Christmas packaging

Christmas packaging manufacturers and suppliers include:

Printed Carrier Bags
Printed Carrier Bags is the place to go for your special Christmas carrier bags. Get an instant quote on a range of high quality carriers, printed with your own Christmas design and/or company logo, with prices from just 4p a bag and free UK delivery.

Cellophane Bags
Put some sparkle into your retail displays this Christmas with crystal clear glossy display bags. Discount Cellophane Bags stock a massive range of high clarity polypropylene bags - the superior alternative to cellophane. From sweet bags to flower sleeves, this is an essential visit for retailers preparing for the festive season.

Carrier Bags
Every retailer needs carrier bags and never more so than at Christmas, but don't worry, this website has it all covered. From printed carriers to fashion carriers and with every carrier in between, there only site you need to visit is Carrier Bags.

Mailing Bags
This fab website doesn't just specialise in mailing bags - their fantastic Christmas Bags section contains tonnes of useful information about Christmas packaging, including printed carriers, display bags and greeting card bags, plus where to buy them!

Greeting Card Bags
Catering for all your Christmas card needs, Discount Greetings Card Bags is the only website you'll need for super shiny greeting card bags. Give your Christmas cards some added sparkle - and any other greeting cards for that matter.

Research & Resources

To find out more about the various types of Christmas packaging and the huge role that polythene packaging plays in the retail sector in the run-up to Christmas, please visit:

PackagingKnowledge: The number one online resource for the UK's plastic packaging industry, featuring detailed information on a huge range of Christmas packagining, including display bags and retail bags, plus in-depth articles and analysis on the important role this plays in the festive season.

Goldstork: Free online directory featuring the very best in Christmas packaging websites, including websites on printed carrier bags, specialist greeting card bags websites and others specialising in retail display bags. This free polythene packaging directory lists an excellent selection of specialist websites for Christmas packaging, including mailing bags, printed carrier bags and glossy display bags. Browse through retailers' product listings and find just the Christmas packaging you need.

Gift bags - the perfect accompaniment to gifts

Don't have time to wrap all your Christmas presents? Not very good at folding the wrapping and end up giving presents coated in a big ball of messy crumpled paper?

Gift bags are just what you - or your customers who meet the description above - are looking for and the perfect way to give presents without having to do any wrapping.

Available in a standard carrier bag shape in a range of sizes, or in a bottle bag shape, to fit a bottle of champagne, wine or spirits, gift bags are made of matt laminated paper bag with luxurious cord handles and a gift tag and are available in a range of sparkly colours.

Just place your present or bottle inside the gift bag - if you really want to impress, you can always wrap it in some coloured tissue or crepe paper first, with no need to fold or wrap - then write a nice Christmas message on the gift tag and hand it over, looking nice and shiny. Simple as that!

Recycle at Christmas

Christmas is a time where packaging is used and disposed of more quickly than at any other time of the year. Around the world, people unwrap presents and take them out of their boxes in their billions, often without a thought for where the packaging ends up.

But much of the packaging we use at Christmas can be recycled or reused, so please consider what you do with the following Christmas packaging before you throw it away:

Wrapping paper - the biggest culprit of all. Make sure you put all your wrapping paper in your paper recycling (you should separate your foil wrapping first)

Wrapping paper rolls - the cardboard tube that wrapping is wrapped around before being dispensed can be placed in the paper recycling

Gift bags - paper gift bags can also be thrown in the paper recycling, along with their gift tags (luxurious rope handles should be removed first)

Box packaging - manufacturers normally put plenty of packaging on products, including many given as gifts. This usually starts with a cardboard box, which can be recycled with the usual paper recycling

Plastic packaging - often the inner-wrapping for a gift, after the cardboard box has been set aside. This can be placed in your plastic recycling.

Christmas cards - you might leave these up for a few days after Christmas (no more than 12 mind you!) but when taken down, they can also go in the paper recycling.

Of course, all recycling depots or collection agents - e.g. councils, private waste disposal companies - have slightly different rules over what can be disposed of as recycling, so always check with your local recycling agent.